Our auctions are the best way to sell big quantities  of your product. Each item placed on auction is sold in 90 to 120 seconds. The auction buys are based on the consumer’s attitude for impulsive purchases. The consumer has 48 hours to confirm the purchase. Only when the consumer has confirmed the purchase, the Seller will receive the order from MemPlaza. Because of the Consumer Protection Rights, the consumer credit card will be charged only when the product is shipped by the Seller.


The Auction system is the perfect solution for sellers to offer their products worldwide.


One of the conditions to become a MemPlaza Seller is also to place products on auction. The average quantity capability per week per product must be at least 100 items.


The products on Auction are also sold in the MarketPlace at the retail price.


Each Seller joining the MemPlaza platform can sell any item they have available. You can also sell products which do not meet the minimum quantity per week, it can be sold in the MarketPlace.


We accept many product categories. However we do not accept items for sale which have a high risk to be returned by the consumer such as apparels, shoes, etc.

How to sell products with MemPlaza


1.  Register your Company as Seller and create your account with MemPlaza Seller Hub

5. We globally market your products to potential customers.


2. Within two working days your application will be reviewed. You will get your credentials to access the Seller Hub Platform for Merchants. Upon your first login, you will have to sign the T&C which you can review before signing.

6. A customer buys your products and you ship them to him


3. Upload your products. Decide which products are only for the MarketPlace and which ones are for both Auction Sections and MarketPlace

7.  Your payment is credited to your account with memplaza seller hub and you are paid as provided for T&C.

01-increase revenue

4. Your products are placed for sale in both MarketPlace and Live Auctions

8.  As your revenue increases, you will appreciate the relationship with Memplaza.