How the Live Auction works

The Seller places on Auction products which are composed of 2 prices:


  1. The product price usually starts at $1.00 and it increases by $1.00 every time a consumer bids.
  2. Each product shows a shipping cost which depends on the shipping method decided by the Seller. The shipping cost must be the same regardless of the destination.


If there is at least 1 bid, the product is won by the last bidder. Therefore the minimum selling price of the product is $2.00, but it could also become $3.00 or $4.00 or even more.


The winning bidder has 48 hours to confirm the bit by purchasing the products. When the Seller ships the product, MemPlaza will charge the winner’s credit card.

Why live auctions benefit the Seller

The sale of products in the Live Auctions plays an important role for the Seller Partner of MemPlaza.com:


  1. the opportunity to sell large inventory of products in a short period of time
  2. quickly increase revenues
  3. quickly increase cash flow


The possibility to sell large volume of products helps the Seller’s Company to decrease the internal cost of the goods sold.

90 Sec Live Auctions: New way to sell

Every company is in the global market to take advantage of new sale opportunities. MemPlaza.com is marketed in more than 50 countries globally with customers located in more that 100 countries.


The Live Auction system calls on a target of consumers willing to buy products whether for fun or just because it is an impulsive purchase. The Live Auction creates excitement and increases buyer competition, which in turn generates higher selling prices.

No fees unless you sell

We have a vision in our company: we generate revenues only if the Seller generates revenues.

This is why we do not charge any monthly fix cost or any other fee which is not related to the sale of the product.


We work on a revenue sharing model. We get paid only when you do.


You will not be charged until you make your first sale.


Our job is to market memplaza.com and to bring new buyers into the marketplace and live auctions. We also handle all the credit card transactions related to the purchase of your products. You get the full amount, less our commission, which may vary based on your commission plan.

Live Auction and MarketPlace Sale Strategy

We understand that sometimes the Seller needs support to understand the right product strategy for the Live Auction and for the MarketPlace.


Our Team is at your service to analyze with you which is the best product and price strategy for your items based on the MemPlaza Benchmark.

Get Paid

Memplaza.com brings you customers. You sell your products and you ship them. We collect the payments from the buyers and we credit your account upon evidence of shipment.

MemPlaza.com has selected as a payment gateway the JP Morgan Chase Payment Gateway which uses several security systems used to protect against frauds.


You, as Seller, list the products on Memplaza in USD and you will be paid in USD. The buyer, based on where they are located, may pay your products in Euro, GBP and USD. All the non USD currencies sales will be converted in USD by JP Morgan Chase and you will be paid in USD.

If you have a US bank account, we pay you by ACH transfer (click to learn about ACH), otherwise we pay you via PayPal or via other partners that we may add.

Is MemPlaza.com for any Seller/Merchant?

No, it is not.

In order to be accepted as Seller you must meet at least the following requirements:


  1. You must have an online shop
  2. You must have products which can be sold in the Live Auction and in the Market Place. i.e. the Live Auction requires at least 100 item inventory per product per week; the Marketplace requires 5 items in the inventory
  3. You must be able to fulfill the order within 5 calendar days or 3 days.
  4. Your products must be within the main categories as listed here. Each main category listed can have several sub-categories.

Product Categories Policy

We allow merchants to sell numerous product categories. Click here to see the main list.


The list of product categories is just a reference as we accept many other categories not listed.


There are products which the customers may return more than others. Products categories which we do not accept, unless the seller shows us an acceptable policy to replace the item, are: apparel, shoes.